New Slideart LS for Lift and Slide Doors

New Slideart LS for Lift and Slide Doors

More light, more air, more security

Lifting and sliding doors that open out onto gardens and terraces improve the quality of life; they offer more light, more freedom of movement.

Increased durability and sturdiness

Slideart LS is extremely sturdy because its main components are in stainless steel. It is tested at 300kg and for 25,000 cycles with the possibility of achieving 400kg thanks to the additional roller kit.

High corrosion resistance

The Slideart LS components have been tested for up to 1000 hours in salt spray.

No architectonic restrictions

With SLIDEART LS stepping outside is made easy by the reduced threshold, perfect for the disabled and in compliance with DIN 18025. Beauty is always within reach, without any obstacles or architectonic restrictions.

Highly fluid movement

The leaves can be operated with ease and comfort thanks to the perfect design and realization of the sliding components and the sturdy handle with a modern and elegant design.


SLIDEART LS has been tested at the Giordano institute according to the requirements in EN 13126-16:2008 and EN 13126-1:2012, passing all of the tests required for a 300kg door and guaranteeing a high use cycle (25,000).

Field of application:

Leaf width: Depending on profile system, max. 3000 mm; max. 3400 mm with addition of code 2451/400

Leaf height: Depending on the profile system, max. 3100 mm + extension of 625 mm, reaching 3725 mm

Width of external frame: With scheme A, max. 6700 mm

Height of external frame: Depending on the profile system

Weight of leaf: Max. 300 kg certified; max. 400 kg with the addition of the code 2451/400

Handle backset 37.5 mm

Door handle height: From the surface of the leaf on which the rollers are rested 953 mm Adaptation

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