Savio is introducing a new hinge with built-in closer

Savio is introducing a new hinge with built-in closer

Reklò 2-in-1

Savio introduces Reklò, the innovative solution for door-closing systems that combines 2 products into 1 – hinge and door closer – to achieve a superior efficiency level.

Discreet design

Compared to traditional door closers, Reklò features an attractive and non-invasive look, that fits in well in any room. It is available in a wide range of finishes (paintable or anodizable).

Easy and quick application

Reklò is assembled as easily as a traditional hinge. In fact, on Eurogroove profiles, with a 10/12-mm step and 5-mm clearance, including with reduced sections, it requires no machining. A further simplification is that it also does not require any masonry work in case of applications limited to 90° with adjacent walls.

TUV-tested performance

Reklò was tested with 2 hinges according to the stringent European standards from the TUV, which certify its use for doors weighing up to 120 kg in class force 3.

Advanced precision microtechnology by Savio

The hydraulic system that makes it possible to reclose the door is made with high-precision internal components that guarantee excellent reliability over time.

Leaf moving

Opening up to 180° with limit switch dampened from 170° to 180°. The door closing mode activates itself starting from 80°.

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